Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9

All about Mega Man's little brother.


News regarding the MN9 universe

Show off

Showing off in MN9

MN9 beta bugs


Bugs that I managed to find/reproduce during the days of the MN9 beta.

Mighty No. 9 fan video


A video that we made for the Mighty No. 9 campaign back in the days of the kickstarter project. Go watch it NOW :P


101hit combo in 4:00


Speed run of No. 5's stage getting 100% absorption on (almost) all enemies

Mighty No. 9 Demo speedruns


Dashing at full speed on all the demo levels. Enjoy


Voice acting cast for MN9 revealed


In the 2015-02-09 update, comcept announced who will be the actors who will give voice to the Mighty No. 9 characters. The final list is:

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